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Hikvision is the largest CCTV and security camera company in the world and with extensive experience, Port Macquarie CCTV is now a award winning installer. This allows us to offer comprehensive after sales support that other installers simply can not offer.

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Port Macquarie CCTV has be a leading installation company of Hikvision security cameras for over 15 years.  In this time, we’ve seen the technology that Hikvision offers improve dramatically from the original analogue CCTV cameras.  

Today, Hikvision has a vast range of both IP cameras and Network Video Recorders to suit most budgets.  

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Hikvision 4 Camera Package

With Phone App Compatibility
$2895.00 Inc GST

Includes Professional installation of:

1 x Hikvision 8 Channel Recorder

4 x Hikvision 8mp (4K) Cameras

1 x HDMI Cable for connection to your TV

Free Phone Application (Requires Ethernet to Internet)

Terms & Conditions apply 

Hikvision CCTV Range

Hikvision offers a wide range of Security Cameras to meet every type of home or business.

Hikvision Security Cameras

The best Hikvision Camera for your cctv installation will be determined by the type of property you have and its intended use.

Hikvision Network Video Recorders (NVR)

The amount of storage needed increases with the resolution of your captured photographs. Our systems are built to provide up to three weeks' worth of events.

What is Hikvision ColorVU?

At night, almost every camera switches to black and white. Not with ColorVU.

Remote Access to your Security Cameras

As part of the installation process, we
will set up remote viewing and play
back via your mobile devices.

Hikvision Camera Prices

Hikvision 4K (8MP) Camera Packages
including CCTV Installation in Perth Metro Area

4 Channel Recorder
With 1 x 4K Camera

Inc Professional installation* of:

1 x Hikvision 4 Channel NVR
1 x 2TB Hard Drive
1 x 4K Hikvision Camera
Terms & Conditions apply

4 Channel Recorder
With 2 x 4K Camera

Inc Professional installation* of:

1 x Hikvision 4 Channel NVR
1 x 2TB Hard Drive
2 x 4K Hikvision Camera
Terms & Conditions apply

4 Channel Recorder
With 3 x 4K Camera

Inc Professional installation* of:

1 x Hikvision 4 Channel NVR
1 x 2TB Hard Drive
3 x 4K Hikvision Camera
Terms & Conditions apply

4 Channel Recorder
With 4 x 4K Camera

Inc Professional installation* of:

1 x Hikvision 4 Channel NVR
1 x 2TB Hard Drive
4 x 4K Hikvision Camera
Terms & Conditions apply

Upgrade to Acusense or ColorVU Cameras
to enable the Live-Guard Solution!

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The Live-Guard solution by Hikvision will enable you to add perimeter security via Acusense or ColorVU Gen 2 Cameras . With Live-Guard you can arm and disarm your cameras, just like an alarm system.

Your cameras may play warning messages, flash an LED light, and send quick push alerts to your mobile devices when they are armed.

When disarmed, your cameras will simply record like a standard CCTV camera.

What are AI Smart Events?

This is an example of a standard Motion Detection grid.

We may choose the area of the recorded image where we want to detect motion when we set up your new cameras. Any area of the image that has a Red Square will cause the camera to start recording the whole image. Therefore, it could be a good idea to remove the Red squares off the road in this case rather than recording every vehicle that passes.

But what if you want to do more? Lets explore the types of Smart events you can create with a Hikvision Camera

Satisfied Clients

"I Had Really great customer service from Brad, he was easy to contact, very prompt and professional, very easy and likeable young man to deal with. He easily fixed the problem. Highly recommend him for great service. Looking after local businesses." Dianne Edwards
"Brad is a lovely human being. Honest and very knowledgeable about anything to do with security cameras and datq problems. He was very fast, produced quality work and solved my issues the same day and within 20 minutes. He has an easy payment system and everything was fixed and paid for on the day. I couldn’t praise him enough. Thanks Brad." Shaunna B
"A young man named Brad came out to help me today. He was on time and more than willing to come back if I had any problems. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone, he was a lovely young man and went above and beyond to help." Cheryl Caruana
"I would like to thank Brad for his professionalism, called today thinking it would just a quote. Brand new camera installed without any fuss. Would highly recommend very reasonable in price and honest." Lauren Oliver

Are Motion Detection Events filling up your CCTV recorder?

The most frequent technique to start recording on a security camera is through motion detection events. This is the primary substitute for continuously recording since it will prolong the period of recording for any cctv installation. Motion Detection, when enabled, detects moving objects in the designated monitoring area and initiates certain responses, such as a recording, in reaction to a detection. We can see that the grid completely encloses the image in the screen grab from the security camera. This implies that motion detection is always being carried out over the whole scene. The camera may set off various alarms and messages to draw attention to particular locations when it detects motion. When this kind of incident occurs at night, moths and other insects become a major problem.

Hikvision cameras are cutting-edge devices with a wide range of Smart Events to help you better safeguard your home. The old surveillance systems have been completely transformed by these Analytics Events, which are simple to implement. Smart events are far more accurate and rare than Motion Detection.

This enables you to set them up to trigger instant push notification to your mobile devices.
Line Crossing Detection

Detects when a person, car, or other thing crosses a virtual line that has been drawn beforehand. When the alarm goes off, certain actions can be done. In this setup image, we can see that when an item crosses the line in either direction, an event is started. You may configure up to 4 separate line crossing events on contemporary Hikvision cameras. Additionally, the line crossing may be set up to only activate when a car is entering or only when it is leaving the driveway.

Object Removal Detection

Detects things removed from the predefined area, such as the displayed exhibits, and when the alarm is triggered, a number of actions can be done. Here, we are looking at the parked automobile. An event will start when the automobile leaves the region under surveillance. On the majority of Hikvision Camera types, you may define up to four object Removal events.

Intrusion Detection

Detects individuals, vehicles, or other items that enter and linger in a virtual area that has been pre-defined. When the alert is triggered, certain actions can be executed. You can specify the amount of time an object must remain in the area in order for it to qualify as an intrusion detection when configuring this event. This camera allows you to set up 4 separate regions for incursion detection.

Region Entrance Detection

Detects when individuals, vehicles, or other items enter a virtual space from the outside. When the alarm is set off, certain actions can be executed. In contrast to intrusion detection, region entry detection triggers an event the moment the area is invaded. On the Hikvision 4k camera, up to 4 Region entry detections may be configured.

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