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Our Port Macquarie alarm monitoring professionals are accessible seven days a week. You may rest easy knowing that your home or business is in experienced hands.

Highest Grading

Unlike some of the big guys, our alarm monitoring station is graded to the highest ASIAL Level of 1A and is Australian owned and run.

Free Installation

Any kind of alarm system may be monitored by us, and for a limited period, we'll even give you the GPRS communicator and callout for only $299.

Best Technology

We can now connect your monitored alarm system to your security cameras so that alarm occurrences may be immediately visually verified.

Emergency Servicing and Help.

A wide range of emergency services, including same-day and after-hours callouts, are offered by us. Additionally, we provide buttons for panic and help buttons, smoke detectors, and trip and fall detection devices.


Contact Us and we'll be in touch to book in your alarm monitoring takeover service and Free alarm communicator.

Alarm Monitoring Prices

Find the best monitoring plan for your home or business

As all events are sent to our staff of 24 hour monitoring, you won’t just be making noise; you’ll remain connected to your alarm.

Our alarm monitoring crew will act right away if the alarm is activated. They might be told to summon a variety of people as well as the police in the case of a panic or multi-zone alarm.

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U-Prox Alarm Security System
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The Crime Statistics are in.

And the numbers are alarming…


How many break-ins occur in Australia everyday?


How many of these occur in New South Wales Australia everyday?

9 Minutes

So how many minutes until the next one occurs in NSW?

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Make the switch to Port Macquarie CCTV!

Switch your alarm montoring systems to us and we’ll provide you with

Switch your alarm montoring systems to us and we’ll provide you with

To handle all of your home or business security needs, we utilise our own certified security professionals. You’ll save money because we’ll finish any service work quickly, plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re working with a highly regarded business (based on Google Reviews).

How will my Alarm Communicate?

Any physical line is unreliable for transmitting your vital Alarm signals since it can be tampered with. Our prefered method is to encrypt your signals and send them via a secure radio network, at the moment Telstra 3G & 4G.

It is not necessary to have a phone line or an internet connection to use this approach since we create a dedicated link to either our cloud servers or our staffed alarm response centres.

Our selection of communicators is powered by your alarm system, so even in the event of a power outage, communications will continue thanks to your alarm’s backup battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a multitude of reasons, home security pros advocate professional alarm monitoring for your home and company. Even if you have your own security system, you won’t be able to keep an eye on things all the time, such as while you’re sleeping or taking a shower.

The purpose of an alarm monitoring system is to notify the user and the necessary authorities in the case of an emergency. Break-ins, fires, environmental disasters, and medical emergencies are all instances of circumstances that demand quick care. Sensors in the system detect these conditions.

The phrase “alarm is monitored” alludes to the fact that a professional home security agency actively monitors them. When the system detects a break-in, fire, or other emergency, security personnel and, in certain cases, emergency personnel are contacted.

Alarm monitoring is a speedy and complete connection between your home security system and your security provider’s central station. When an emergency happens, your control panel sends a signal to the central monitoring station, contacting the appropriate authorities and deploying them to your home.

“In a nutshell, yes. However, it is strongly advised not to utilise alarm monitoring without the supervision of a professional security firm. It is possible that it was a false alert, and as we all know, police in various places can penalise the owner for false alarms.

The simple response is no. In the past, security systems used the home phone to connect with security organisations, but today’s mobile phones and digital communications have completely changed the way security systems function.

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