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Basic Home Alarm Systems
Port Macquarie

At Port Macquarie CCTV, there are a range of home alarm systems that
we can offer. With both wired and wireless systems available,
there is a system for a home of any shape and size.

Wired vs Wireless Alarm Systems.

Hard wired systems are often less expensive and do not require battery replacement because they are powered by the alarm panel. We often advise installing a hardwired alarm system on single-story properties.

A wireless alarm system is something you might want to think about if you’re a tenant or live in a tiny property, such an apartment. This will let you to take the security system with you if you move, and it is simple to instal either yourself or by one of our licenced security technicians.

Due to the cost or impossibility of connecting wires to the lower floors, home owners of existing two-story houses may only be able to instal a wireless security alarm.

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Do you want a phone app for your alarm?

Almost all manufacturers have created a basic phone app for controlling your new alarm system while you are not at home.

Most phone applications will allow you to do basic activities such as arming and disarming; but, others, such as the U-Prox app, go above and beyond. Risco lets you operate every aspect of the alarm system as if you were at home.

You’ll get fast push alerts of alarm occurrences with the iRisco app, which is accessible on all Risco alarm panels, rather than merely an email. Alarm verification cameras can also be added to the alarm system. If your alarm goes off, these cameras will give you a thirty second video clip through to the U-Prox App.

Do you have Pets?

With the average Port Macquarie household more likely than ever to have a pet, it is critical to evaluate how your new alarm system may be affected. Pet-friendly alarm sensors are now available. This implies that you might be able to equip your system while your pet is still inside. The sort of alarm sensor you can have is determined on the size and weight of your pet. Please remember to bring up any pets you have when you chat with one of our Licensed Security Consultants.

Do you only want a perimeter alarm system that will allow you to arm it while you're at home?

A variety of perimeter devices may be added to any of our basic alarm systems. These are installed on your property’s entrances, windows, or from outside locations. Once installed, you may arm your new alarm by selecting Stay Mode. This mode allows you to roam freely throughout your house since all of your perimeter alarm sensors are on but the inside motion detectors are turned off.

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