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Our servicing and repair technicians are all licensed by the NSW Police and cover the whole Mid North Coast area.

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Keeping our employees in-house assures quality and dependability.

Licensed Technicians

Our Technicians are all Licensed by the NSW Police.

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We employ cutting-edge technologies and tools to ensure that you receive accurate results as soon as possible.

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We respond quickly and professionally to the majority of service concerns.


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Home Alarm Repairs

Many Port Macquarie properties have antiquated alarm systems that are more than 25 years old. Surprisingly, many of these are still in fine working shape. Many security firms will tell you that your house alarm will need to be replaced if it malfunctions, however certain components may be fixed. Repairable alarm components include the keypad button that no longer functions. On the main control board, a fuse has blown. The cable that connects the detectors and so on. External siren tamper switches and strobe lights These are just a few instances of the many alarm repair advice we may provide while on-site.

When you schedule a home alarm service or repair with one of our licenced service technicians, you will save money by not having to replace everything.

Business Alarm Repairs

Consistent maintenance of company alarm systems is critical to ensuring the security of your assets in the event of a break in. Faults can lurk in your alarm without your knowledge, affecting its capacity to operate when you need it the most. Setting up a maintenance schedule with our highly skilled personnel is the ideal method to guarantee your security systems are running properly.

Consistent maintenance of a security system, like other types of technology, will lengthen its lifespan. This will save you a lot of money in the long term.

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We’ve seen a wide range of problems with alarm systems in our 15 years in business. Our qualified experts are trained to handle a wide range of alarm brand malfunctions!

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CCTV & Security Camera Repairs

Your ageing CCTV system may have seen better days, but that doesn’t mean you should replace it right now. Our service technicians can revitalise your security cameras by fixing the issues that are creating low image quality. Termination refers to the end of the cable that connects to the security camera or the recording equipment. These can entirely degenerate with time, resulting in no image from your camera or a bad image if they have just begun to rust. A Service technician who is licenced can come to your house or company and test these terminations.Not only will you most likely increase the image quality, but you may also save money by avoiding the need to repair the camera you believed was defective. While onsite, we can undertake various servicing chores to improve the picture quality of your cameras, such as cleaning them, relocating them to achieve a better perspective, or altering the settings in the recorder to get the best image. Many DIY camera systems are improperly configured, resulting in poor image quality.


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