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Best Security Cameras 2022: Which is the Ideal Home Security Product?

What are you prepared to pay in exchange for safety? For Australian homeowners and renters, security cameras are more than just a wise investment—they also have the power to deter crime.

The ability of home security cameras to provide a real-time visual deterrent against intrusions like trespassing and break-ins is one of its key draws. Additionally, keeping an eye on your house with video surveillance is now as simple as checking your smartphone because the majority of cameras nowadays are connected to the internet and a mobile application.

However, even if using security cameras is now simpler than ever, finding the proper equipment might be difficult because the market is continuously being flooded with newer, more streamlined security cameras.

Key Considerations When Shopping for Home Security Cameras

The development of home security cameras has been significantly enhanced during the past ten years. To be honest, though, most individuals don’t use these gadgets on a regular basis, so selecting sophisticated models, features, and technology might be overwhelming. But if you take into account the following essential factors, your buying will go more smoothly:

●     Motion activation – A great home security camera should begin recording immediately after detecting motion and store the footage at a secure location that you can access for some time. Experts sometimes refer to this technology as event-based recording.

●     More detail may be seen in videos with higher resolution. The majority of modern cameras provide full HD (1080p, 2 megapixel) video, which is quite acceptable. However, because to its crisper, sharper photos, you may also choose Super HD or Ultra HD (1440p/2K or 4 megapixels and 8 megapixels/4K, respectively). These enable you to read licence plates or zoom in on someone’s face.

●     Smartphone alerts – An excellent home security camera should send customizable alerts to your tablet or smartphone.

●     Night vision – Your exterior home security camera should be able to see far in the dark and have exceptional night vision capabilities. At least 30m should be present in the perfect product.

●     Storage – The majority of cameras use cloud storage, but you may also choose local storage on a hard drive that is linked to your camera or on a microSD card that is already inside.

●     Field of view – If you choose a broader field of vision, you’ll need fewer cameras to fully protect your property. Between 130 and 180 degrees should be the ideal viewing angle.

●     Camera design – Whether indoors or out, your camera should be visible to intruders and have a pleasing design.

●     Audio – Modern cameras have microphones embedded into them so they can hear what is happening as well. It should also feature a speaker for two-way audio so you can communicate with the person on your property.

●     Security features – To guard against hacking, your camera system has to have the proper security measures. For instance, two-factor authentication requires you to verify your identity using a different channel, such as a phone call, text message, or email.

●     Privacy features – Choose a product with geofencing features if you are concerned about privacy. When using a smartphone or tablet on your property, this turns the camera off until you depart and then turns it back on.

●     Advanced features – Significantly more effective deterrents include an LED lighting device or an integrated siren. Other cameras provide the user greater control over what is recorded thanks to improved software features including the ability to create activity zones, identify faces, tell people from animals, and zoom..

●     Integrations – Smart wireless security cameras may be connected to a smart home system for added convenience, functionality, and security.

Paying close attention to the aforementioned factors can help you steer clear of typical purchasing blunders. The Dahua wizsense cameras is a great home security camera that should start recording as soon as it senses motion and keep the footage in a safe location you can see for a long, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision. Professionals sometimes refer to this method as “event-based recording.”

Why Choose Dahua WizSense Series

port bar cam

The majority of home security cameras only capture incidents, so you won’t have any fantastic film of a thief fleeing with your belongings after the occurrence. Additionally, most burglars conceal themselves, making it challenging to recognise them. All of them indicate that once they go, the footage could be worthless. As a result, you require a device that also enables you to stop crime before it starts.

In our opinion, the Dahua Wizsense is the top home security camera available right now. It is the most recent item in the Wizsense product range, which debuted in 2017. In essence, this camera ignores inconsequential items in favour of focusing on cars and people. Additionally, it provides total management over your home security system around-the-clock from any location.

When an event occurs, a Wizsense camera sends a push notification to your tablet or smartphone. It captures the invader and scares them away with either a flashing light or an audio message. You don’t have to risk your safety by going outdoors because you can talk to them immediately from your smartphone app. You may utilise it as an intercom at your front entrance thanks to all these features.

The main features of this revolutionary camera include:

●     Resolution range of 2 megapixels to 8 megapixels (4k)

●     Improved alarm

●     White Red/Bue/White light (built-in) to scare off intruders.

●     Enhanced motion detection with vehicle/human classification

●     Large target classification distance of 20, 25, or 30 meters

●     increased performance in low light. If there is enough light, you can see full-color film, but when there is less light, it will mostly be in black and white.

●     An in-built speaker system that relays warning messages and allows two-way communication

●     An in-built microphone for recordings and two-way audio

●    A very accurate artificial intelligence chip that exclusively detects persons 

Notably, even after disarming the device, you may configure it to record audio and video as needed. However, you may programme it to activate, flash, or alert you through the Hik-Connect application when it’s armed.

security camera

The camera has a DMSS capability that allows users to arm and disarm it using a mobile app. By precisely identifying intruders before they access your property, this can help avoid incursions.

Final Thoughts

If you pay attention to the aforementioned factors, selecting the ideal equipment among the numerous home security cameras now available on the market will be simple. However, despite the fact that many companies claim to offer all the necessary characteristics, the greatest results can only be ensured if you select a dependable device like the Dahua WizSense Series.

As your go-to local security experts, Port Macquarie CCTV will help you with all facets of electronic security, including the purchase and installation of high-quality, dependable home security cameras. Please feel free to browse our Dahua packages to find a product that suits your requirements.

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