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How to maintain and repair your alarm system

Keep your security alarm in peak condition with routine maintenance and expert attention. False alarms can be significantly reduced with the help of a can of surface spray.

It makes sense to take care of your property since you spent money installing an alarm system to safeguard it. Nothing is worse than a system that consistently issues false alerts or, even worse, fails to sound an alert when it is most necessary. Use these recommendations to keep your alarm system in good working order!
1. Bugs cause false alarms.
The motion sensor in your detectors is about the size of the nail on your little finger. If an insect crosses this sensor, even the smallest one will look enormous to your detector. Reduce false alerts by applying surface spray to the area surrounding your detectors rather than directly on them to keep them bug-free.

2. Test your back up battery
If your backup battery has failed, your alarm system will also shut off when the power goes off. You may check to see if your alarm stops working or still functions by shutting off the main power to it. If it breaks, schedule a service appointment and a qualified technician will replace it for you.
3. Keep your Stickers Fresh
Nothing more loudly proclaims the age and lack of maintenance of your alarm system than faded or peeling alarm warning stickers. If this applies to yours, stop by and we’ll give you some free new ones.
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